Fitness Friday – Least

So many bloggers, especially fitness bloggers (including myself) write about their favorite exercises. They write about how much they love to run or dead lift or squat. They write about their favorite type of fitness; yoga, cross-fit, piyo (what?), etc. Today I want to write about my least favorite exercises, the ones that make me feel completely and totally miserable but I do them anyway because I know I’m going to see results.


Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

The majority of my hatred for these is the process of getting into position. Whatever muscle group is being worked to lift the dumbbells off of my thighs and place them over my head is not as strong as the muscle group that’s used to press them. I’m also not a fan of spending the next day feeling like my shoulders are attached to my earlobes.


I have no real reason for this. I just don’t like them.


You guys already know the details of this from previous posts but here’s a sweaty selfie anyway 😉

& saving the worst for last…

Split Squats:

(Taking a photo on a timer with 10 seconds to grab weights and get in position =nearly impossible. This is the best I could do)
Who knows how long I was doing goblet squats thinking they were split squats before someone told me.

I wish I was never corrected. These are killer! I see stars, I want to pass out, throw up and fall over throughout each set. The pain doesn’t stop when you stop either. For about two days afterwards I walk like a penguin mixed with a bull rider, it’s confusing and incredibly uncomfortable.

As strongly as I detest all of these things, there really is no greater feeling than successfully completing them.
Except maybe sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and watching your favorite chick flick… 😉

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


Fitness Friday – Oreos

So today I realized that Oreos do not lift weights… Or your ass for that matter (Kayla’s words) and so no more double stuffed for me. Double stuffed Oreos lead to double belly rolls and double the amount of butt sag. 

I was feeling weak. I was craving cookies and so I gave in. I think that’s ok to do from time to time. But to eat almost the whole container in 2 days is not a good idea. My mind takes not standing on the scale as an excuse to go wild and eat whatever I want. Time to shut that down. 

The colder weather and shorter days isn’t helping either. But I’m going to push through the holidays. I’m going to make sure my tush isn’t sagging for the new year! 

So here’s to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and any other events in-between. You won’t win this time! 

And of course I can’t end a blog post without a few pictures.

How I feel like I look while doing lat-pull downs:  

How I actually do them: 

I think my least favorite weight lifting exercise is shoulder presses.  

   But I still keep smiling 😉
Until next time… 


Fitness Friday – Bad Week

Fitness is not always fun. I tend to keep my posts lighthearted and excited. Surprisingly, the last two months have been exciting and a lot of fun. But this last week SUCKED! The first problem, I attempted to eat breakfast every day. Eating a full meal in the morning is not for me. Secondly, I just felt crappy all week. Last night I laid there and grabbed any chunk rolls I could find while whining to Kenny about how I’m not making any progress. It was a complete spoiled brat moment and I’m glad it’s over.

My husband is a saint, literally. In these moments he is always calm, grinning and telling me I’m beautiful, more beautiful than I’ll ever know. He doesn’t get frustrated, he doesn’t roll his eyes, he just listens and assures me that I am wrong. Honestly, who else in the world would do that? I want to roll my eyes at myself and usually there’s a voice in my head yelling at me to shut up and stop being a tool, but as for my husband? He just takes it all in and still finds a way to compliment me, even though I’m being ridiculous.

With all that being said, I did not slack off this week. In fact, I pushed hard through all my workouts. I read that you’re supposed to squeeze your butt cheeks together when you stand up from a squat. I started doing that during the Jillian Michael’s video and got a cramp from my butt cheek down to the back of my knee. I squatted through it though, because that’s just how I do 😉
I haven’t been able to move up in weight on shoulder presses since I started doing them. But this week I’m up to 30lbs in each hand!!
I moved up in bench presses too. I’m benching 70lbs with dumbbells.
I lost another inch in my spare tire, moving up to a total of 3.5 inches since July 3.
And I can successfully do one pull up and two chin ups.

Deep breaths to prepare


Basically, all of my complaints are unwarranted. I am progressing, my chunk rolls are shrinking and as always, my husband knows best.