Fitness Friday – Be Proud

You, as you are right now, are where someone else wants to be.

Let that sit for a minute.

Got it?

Don’t believe me?
If you are four hundred pounds, there is someone out there who is five hundred that wants to be four. If you are a hundred and fifty pounds there is someone out there who is two hundred and wants to lose fifty.
Be proud of where you are and who you are right now.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue working and improving. It just means that you should appreciate where you are, how far you’ve come and who you might be inspiring. Hold your head high because someone out there is working their tail off to get to where you are.

That was my big epiphany this week and I’m going to try to take my own advice!

Since I ditched the scale a couple of weeks ago I have been feeling great! I still spend a lot of time in the mirror but lately it’s because I find myself so darn attractive I just can’t help myself. I’m probably more fit than I have ever been in my life and I’m enjoying every minute of it! Okay, maybe not EVERY minute but still…

I made the ultimate “basic white girl” protein shake the other day; vanilla protein, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. This morning I did vanilla protein, pumpkin pie spice and coffee. Basic or not, it’s delightful!

Last night was level two with Jillian Michaels. It was terrible.

We were both pretty convinced we were going to throw up and die.

As far as weights go, we decided to change up our rows a little bit. I wanted to switch it up because I had not added any weight since we started and I felt like I was straining my neck. Doing it with dumbbells instead of on a machine is a whole different painful ballgame. Sadly, I’m only using fifteen pounds!

There was a time when I liked squats more than deadlifts. That time is gone. Squatting with 100 pounds is intense. They do make me feel good though, the next day, after I’ve blocked out the pain…

It’s been a great week!

Thanks for reading. Until next Friday!

Fitness Friday – Two Months

Fitness Friday – Two Months

Today marks eight weeks of staying consistent with exercise. I feel better right now than I have in a long time. Here are a few things that happened this week…

My husband always brings the floor length mirror into the workout room. This never made sense to me. I have no desire to see my face mid-squat when I look like I’m in labor; but on Saturday I decided not to move the mirror. I’m going to have to hide it again because I kept getting distracted by my awesomeness and having to stop and take pictures ;).

What?! Are those muscles in my arm!?                 Less muscle but my face looks skinny!!

Monday I decided it was time for calorie and macro counting. I have been eating so much protein and drinking so much water I feel like I can’t move (but I have to move and fast because I’ve been peeing like a racehorse).

I lost two pounds in two days though so I think it’s working.

On Tuesday, Kayla and I realized we wouldn’t have time to work out after work so we decided to do the Jillian Michaels’ video at 6am. Yes, you read that right. I got up at 5:30am to do a freaking workout. That is commitment. There’s this magical thing called preworkout. It is loaded in vitamins and nutrients, not to mention a very large serving of caffeine.

I drank this in my angry/sleepy stupor and waited for it to kick in. By the time we started working out I was giggling like a drunken school girl (doing jumping jacks while laughing hysterically is no easy feat). By the end of the workout however I wanted to cry and go back to bed. With or without preworkout, I am not a morning person.

Overall, these past 8 weeks have been a lot of fun. They’ve been challenging, sweaty and have involved a lot of swearing and an unreasonable amount of chicken. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait till I can do a two year post, a ten year post and so on.

Two Month Progress:

Workout: (dumbbells)            Starting:                                             Current:

Squats:                                     40lbs                                                    90lbs
Dead Lifts:                                50lbs                                                   100lbs
Pushups:                                  5                                                          15
Video:                                      had to take 3 breaks                            0
Bench Presses:                       40lbs                                                    60lbs

(These aren’t all of the workouts I do but I have not progressed with shoulder presses, lat pulldowns or rows the way I have with the rest.)

Thank you

Fitness Friday – Isagenix

I have never agreed with diet plans that work like Mary Kay. You buy a whole bunch of weird meals or shakes, you do a 30 day program and then you turn around and start posting it all over your Facebook and trying to get all of your friends to buy it because if they do, you get paid. Aside from that everyone I knew who ever did them started working out and eating right so to me, it seemed pretty obvious that they lost weight because of that, not because of the program.

With that being said, I started Isagenix 2 weeks ago. My cousin is selling it and I like to support family (plus she was extremely pushy) so I told her I would try it.

In two weeks I’ve lost 2lbs (not a big deal) and 11/2 inches from my stomach (BIG DEAL). Yes, I have been eating healthy and I have been exercising. But here’s the part I didn’t anticipate with this program, I have no cravings. Does a sleeve of Oreo’s with milk sound good? Sure. But I don’t want them. I don’t find myself day dreaming about food at all. The other cool part is that I don’t have to count calories, or wonder if I’m getting enough protein for my workouts, or find out how many carbs I need for my height and weight. I pour a packet into some water, shake it up, drink it and that’s it. I have more energy, my workouts are better than they ever have been because I’m not getting sluggish or lightheaded. But more importantly, I’m not constantly frustrated and annoyed trying to figure out what I’m going to eat. This program is perfect for people who have no idea how to stop eating when they’re full, who get discouraged easily and then order pizza, and basically for anyone who has a bad relationship with food.

I’m not selling it. I’m not interested in that part of it. But I will share how I’ve been feeling because I feel relieved. There’s always people saying “don’t diet, change your lifestyle” and that never seemed possible for me. I tried Whole30, I tried Paleo, Gluten Free, Whole Foods and so on. Now I realize all I needed was a protein shake 😉