Fitness Friday – Questionnaire

This week I would really love to hear from all of you! How many of you remember those MySpace questionnaires? I have made my own in hopes that people will fill them out and give me new ideas and new things to try. So, if you have the time, here is a Flashback Fitness Friday Survey:

  1. What inspired you to get healthy?
  2. How long have you been living a healthier lifestyle?
  3. What is your favorite exercise?
  4. What is your least favorite?
  5. When do you work out (morning, noon or night?)
  6. What is your go-to healthy meal?
  7. What’s your favorite healthy snack?
  8. Do you count calories?
  9. Do you allow yourself a cheat day/days?
  10. Do you meditate?
  11. Do you use positive affirmations? If so, which one do you use the most?
  12. What’s your biggest motivator?
  13. What is your biggest fitness/health accomplishment?
  14. What is one thing you wouldn’t give up (chocolate, coffee, etc.)
  15. What’s the best advice you’ve received about being fit and healthy?


Basically, share all of your tips, tricks and knowledge with me!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for reading ❤



Fitness Friday – Others

This week has been so crammed pack full of goodness that I’m not sure where to start. I guess the best place would be the beginning.

After posting on Friday, my sister’s girlfriend fiance Jess, texted me to see if I wanted to go to Richmond with her for the weekend. Naturally, I left work early, threw 7 pairs of shoes in a bag (even though we were only going for 2 days) and hit the road with her.
She started down the *Purely Fruit path about five weeks ago. Her car was stocked with tons of healthy snacks; kale chips, nuts, fruit, boiled eggs and seltzer water. It was awesome to spend five hours with someone who understands the struggles of reading every label, using caution at every restaurant and having to answer all of the whys and the “do you think you can actually do that long term” questions.
The struggles are worth it. We both feel better, psychically and mentally, everything tastes sweeter and we’re both seeing big results.

Is it possible long term? I hope so, because I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Richmond was filled with beards and bicycles. I’ve never seen so many fit hipsters in my life. The city’s vibe inspired me to do some push-ups in my hiking boots in front of graffiti so that I would fit in (or I just saw a good blog photo opportunity and took it)

It was a fun weekend!

On Monday I had my first weight-training session with J. Honestly, I forget how awkward of a person I am until I’m put in a situation that I’ve never been in before. I’ve never taught anyone how to exercise. I’m the fat kid who hated all things fitness related. The girl who would cry in her room for two hours after her mom tried to take her to gymnastics. In other words, this was completely foreign to me. We got through it though and on Wednesday everything was much smoother. He dislikes the same things I do (cardio and the gym) so hopefully he’ll end up liking weight lifting. We shall see!

My week ended with two awesome text messages;

(these are the messages that keep me motivated and inspired) 

& a hair cut

Please check out my new Recipe tab. I will be sharing some different Purely Fruit recipes every week (hopefully).
Thanks for reading. Thanks for following (I’m 5 follows away from 100!!)

A fun before and after to leave you with 🙂

*Purely Fruit is the name I decided to use for how I’m eating. I could not find any title for people who are not using sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, rice syrup or any of the other 57 names of sugar/sweeteners. It’s not primal, paleo, gluten free, it’s Purely Fruit. 

Fitness Friday – Be Proud

You, as you are right now, are where someone else wants to be.

Let that sit for a minute.

Got it?

Don’t believe me?
If you are four hundred pounds, there is someone out there who is five hundred that wants to be four. If you are a hundred and fifty pounds there is someone out there who is two hundred and wants to lose fifty.
Be proud of where you are and who you are right now.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue working and improving. It just means that you should appreciate where you are, how far you’ve come and who you might be inspiring. Hold your head high because someone out there is working their tail off to get to where you are.

That was my big epiphany this week and I’m going to try to take my own advice!

Since I ditched the scale a couple of weeks ago I have been feeling great! I still spend a lot of time in the mirror but lately it’s because I find myself so darn attractive I just can’t help myself. I’m probably more fit than I have ever been in my life and I’m enjoying every minute of it! Okay, maybe not EVERY minute but still…

I made the ultimate “basic white girl” protein shake the other day; vanilla protein, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. This morning I did vanilla protein, pumpkin pie spice and coffee. Basic or not, it’s delightful!

Last night was level two with Jillian Michaels. It was terrible.

We were both pretty convinced we were going to throw up and die.

As far as weights go, we decided to change up our rows a little bit. I wanted to switch it up because I had not added any weight since we started and I felt like I was straining my neck. Doing it with dumbbells instead of on a machine is a whole different painful ballgame. Sadly, I’m only using fifteen pounds!

There was a time when I liked squats more than deadlifts. That time is gone. Squatting with 100 pounds is intense. They do make me feel good though, the next day, after I’ve blocked out the pain…

It’s been a great week!

Thanks for reading. Until next Friday!

Fitness Friday – Delayed

Fitness Friday – Delayed

Friday was absolutely crazy for me and I apologize for missing my post. I realized that I will also be out of town this coming Friday and said screw it, today is Fitness Friday-Monday 😉

I have never had a fitness partner. I was always too insecure to workout in public or with other people. I didn’t want them to see me sweating like a man, breathing like a 90 year old and lifting like a toddler. So when Kayla and I decided to start working out together I was skeptical, to say the least. I have never improved so much or been so consistent with exercise before in my life. It is so helpful to have someone there to spot you, lift weights off of you before you drop them on your face and guide your left arm (that has a mind of it’s own) to it’s proper place.
Besides just the actual safety aspect of it, she’s freaking nice all the time. I don’t know how it’s possible. Randomly mid-workout she’ll say, “Your arms look awesome! I’m taking a picture” and “You’re a beast! Keep going!” Don’t get me wrong, I’ll get whiny and say I can’t do the last set and she’ll call me a bitch and tell me to get to it, but somehow even that is nice and motivating. My point in all of this? If you don’t have a workout partner, get one. She has made all the difference!

Plus you get texts like this. Watching someone else’s progress is almost as fun as seeing your own.

Highlights from last week in photos:
Made my very first green shake, it was sort of delightful.

My triceps muscle is starting to look intense.

One of the pictures where Kayla said “stop! I’m taking a picture of your arm”

I was not able to wear these pants this summer. That is some pretty great progress.


Also last week we moved up in weight on almost all of our workouts. Here’s our 11 week progress.

When we started:                             Now:
Squats – 50lbs                                  100lbs
Dead Lifts – 60lbs                             110lbs
Shoulder Press – 30lbs                      60lbs (6 week progress)
Bench Press – 50lbs                           70lbs
Push Ups – 5                                       23
Pull Ups – 0                                           2

We do more than this but I’ve seen more improvement in these specific workouts than in rows, lat pull downs, tricep pushdowns, etc.

So, that’s where I’m at right now. Sorry I missed last Friday and will probably miss this Friday but don’t panic, I’ll be back 😉


So I took the month of December off and it put me back a few steps but I’m back on track and feeling fantastic. A week from tomorrow is 7 months booze free, I’m weighing in at 147 and I’m back on the workout train. For the past 9 days I’ve been eating 1200 calories a day, which is hard but it does allow me to save 300 calories for an end of the day candy bar :). On February 1st Kenny and I are going to start Whole30. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it basically means I can’t eat for 30 days. It will be a fun challenge though because my dad, Lisa, and my friend Jessica are all going to do it too. Anyone else want to join in? Whole30

Apparently 2015 is going to be all about challenges because I joined a 7 day ab challenge on Facebook. I have never done a Facebook challenge before but having 130 people all doing the same thing is very motivating. Last night was my first night with a 10 minute ab workout video. I looked ridiculous. In 10 minutes I fell over twice, I had to take 3 breaks, I did the easy version every time I could and when it was all said and done I wanted to cry. Instead of crying I decided to take a selfie…
And then I got up and did some bicep/triceps/back workouts in our gym. I couldn’t do the amount of reps the workout required but I still felt bad ass. I thought, “Hell yeah, I’m doing 15 reps with 20 pounds in each hand. I’m awesome!!” Then Kenny came home and told me I was only using 10 pound weights. Uhg!! It’s a start though, and before you know it I will be using 20 pounds, and then 25 and I’ll just keep adding more until I really am a bad ass.

We ended the day with some healthy slow cooked jerk pork with a mango salsa and brown rice.
Basically, I’m back and more motivated than ever!

2 Month Weigh In

I weighed in at 148. This means that in the entire month of September I only lost 3 pounds. But instead of spending the whole day crying, I got off the scale, did my workout, and went about my day. My weight does not matter. Would I love to be 118-125? Of course. Is it discouraging when your weight loss is going as slow as a turtle while you’ve been working out like a lioness? Yes. But you know what’s more motivating than fast weight loss and a low number on the scale? Feeling and seeing results. I measured myself on September 26th for the first time. I should have measured myself the very first day but I didn’t. In 11 days I have lost 1/2 an inch in each thigh and in the spare tire that’s deflating a lot faster than the scale is changing. I also have a lot more energy, I feel better and my clothes are getting looser. So, excuse my foul language, but f*ck the scale. I want to be fit, I want to be healthy, I want to have energy and be able to hike up a mountain without feeling like I’m going to die. If I can do all of this and look great while doing it then the scales don’t matter.
moms wedding  
This was taken in July——This was taken in August.
          I have lost some serious boob since then! 

What does matter is that on Sunday I ran 3.3 miles!!! Yes, it took 38 minutes. Yes, there was a point where I thought I was going to throw up. And yes, my sister really did start grunting at one point. We made it up a massive hill and were probably 2 miles in when there was another hill up ahead, neither one of us expected it or were prepared for it. We started our slow way up and all I could think about was how dry my lips were and how there was this weird sensation in the back of my head that was making me want to puke. All of the sudden, I heard this noise. It was this strange quiet moan coming from the left. I looked over and there was no injured animal on the sidewalk, nothing that got hit by a car lying in the road, just my sister running beside me. I shook it off and went back to focusing on not throwing up when I heard the noise again, this time a little louder and longer. I looked over and realized it was my sister! She was literally moaning and grunting on the way up the hill, like she was giving birth or something. I started to wonder if it would help with the puke feeling if I did it too and I almost tried it myself but then decided it was just too weird. We made it to the top and she said, “Wow! That was rough. I started grunting there at one point!” I looked the other way (while making the “she’s crazy” face) and responded, “It was rough!! And yeah, I heard that…”
We ran the rest of the way pretty silently, saying things like “we’ve got this!” or “not much further” when we were thinking about giving up. When we finally made it to our destination the same feeling of pride and happiness came to me the way it did when I reached 2 miles, only this time Natalee was there to witness the happy dance. We are going to rock this 5k in November.

(The after the workout selfie. Those stupid straps coming out of my shirt were the latest thing to slap me in the face during my run. Oh the joys of exercise.)

Thanks for reading!

Play Nice

Play Nice

I have realized over the past month that the key to health and fitness is being nice to yourself.
I’m sure I’ve read this somewhere before but it never stuck with me. I have constantly said horrible things to myself to try and stay motivated, for example; “No fatty, you don’t need a cookie, eat a damn carrot instead!” or “Oh, you decided to stop and walk? You are so lazy and are never going to be fit” and basically just constantly calling myself names and being a bully.

These things are not motivating or helpful at all. So now when I stop to walk because I really don’t think I can go any further, instead of thinking things like
Saying this to myself over and over today! I'm hurting! lol
fitness motivation: suck it up and someday you won't have to suck it in
I think things like
exercise quote: YES!!! don't quit!  starting puts you ahead of everyone else who never tried!
I've heard it told that the hate of one's body is what causes people to exercise. This always seemed so backed up to me.

I do not want to get injured. I do not want to give up. I have eaten a cookie, and it’s okay.
Running has given me an entirely different perspective. I care less about how I look and care more about what I can do and what is healthy.

I ran 2 miles without stopping in 20 minutes. I think a 10 minute mile is pretty average but what was so great is that I have never run 2 miles in my entire life. It was the perfect run. I downloaded the Nike Running app, which in a female voice tells you when you’ve reached a mile. I was breathing easily, the weather was gorgeous and I was determined to hear that I had made it 2 miles. My headband wasn’t trying to slide off and my headphones weren’t slapping me in the face. There were quite a few people on the path that day and I had to pass them which was uncomfortable but empowering at the same time. I saw a hill up ahead and my mind started screaming, “NO WAY!!! YOU CAN NOT RUN ANY LONGER!!” and I calmly said back to it, “it’s okay, we’re almost there. We have to be close.”
Sure enough, right before I reached the hill this beautiful and amazing voice came through my headphones and said to me “You have run 2 miles.” I was ecstatic! I think I actually squealed in the process of throwing my hands in the air and doing some awkward kind of dance move. It was an amazing feeling.


Yesterday, I went out to run with the anticipation of running 2 miles again.
I got home from work and could not find any of my workout clothes. I tried on a bunch of pants and none of them were going to work for running, so I put on some tights and decided I’d wear some shorts ( the tights were for chaffing because yes, my legs rub together). In the process of looking for shorts the dresser drawer fell out, landed in the cat dish and poured water all over everything. I proceeded to pick some underwear and a pair of socks out of the water dish and throw them in the laundry basket and leave the water on the floor. All the while both the cats were under my feet meowing at me for attention. Not finding any shorts, I decided I would just throw some leggings on over the tights (I was not about to try to take them off after the ordeal I just went through to get them on). After getting the leggings on and finding a pair of dry socks, I went looking for my good sports bra, which I couldn’t find. I put on the crappy one and two tank tops with built in bras hoping this would keep the girls under control. Now, I was ready, and I was going to run.

I pulled in to the park and thankfully no one was there. I went to grab my headphones and they were wet. Apparently one of the cans I had moved out of the cup holder wasn’t empty and it spilled directly on my headphones. I dried them off, put them in, got out of the car, pressed start on my app and started running. I was going to run dammit and nothing was going to stop me! I made it about 20 steps before realizing the annoying feeling on my face was my glasses that I had forgotten to take off. I ran back to my car and threw them in. I didn’t make it far before my calves started throbbing, my hip started hurting, and my 2 tank tops were riding up and exposing that weird stomach pooch that tights give you because they’re pressing into your belly button and pushing your chunk down (ladies, you know what I’m talking about). On top of the chunk roll and the body pains there was this obnoxious up-beat techno-pop shit “music” blasting in my ears and getting on my last nerve. I kept telling myself that the beautiful voice was coming with good news but when she finally came, she sounded computerized and taunting. It said, “you have run one mile”.
I had only gone 1 mile and thought I was going to die. I had to stop.
Now for a minute I turned in to that bully again, “Oh look at you, you were SOO proud of yourself for the 2 miles, you just thought you’d be able to come out here and do it again. Well you can’t, because you suck and you barely made it a mile before you had to stop!”
I stopped that train of thought and instead said “it’s okay, every day can’t be a good day. You’re out here, you’re trying, and you’re succeeding.
This kind of positive reinforcement gave me the motivation to run more, walk, and run again.
(Yes, I am constantly talking to myself while I’m running. There is no peace and quiet time in my head; it is a never ending battle.)

It’s not always easy. It’s certainly not always fun. But all those aggravations are worth it because of how I felt when I ran 2 miles and how much better I feel in general.

I am going to start doing some bodyweight workouts. This is the most reasonable beginner routine that I found.

  • Bodyweight squats – 8-10 reps
  • Push-ups (or knee-push-ups) – 5-8 reps
  • Plank – hold for 15 seconds
  • Jumping Jacks – 15 reps
  • Bodyweight Reverse Lunges – 6 reps per leg
  • Lying Hip Raise (double or single leg) – 10 reps

I’m supposed to do 4 sets and that counts as one workout.
I’m going to start doing this three days a week, and running three days a week.
This should make for some fun blog entries. 😉
I’m not focusing as much on weight, although I do plan to weigh myself on October 1st. Instead, I’m trying to focus on how far I can go, how my clothes fit (I think my boobs have lost more weight than any other part of my body) and how I feel.
I found some before pictures that I took back in March. I might share these eventually but right now they’re still pretty scary.
I’m trying to eat clean and shop more locally. I’m going to the local Farmers Market in town tomorrow morning and trying to see if I can find some farmers who sell grass fed beef and free range chicken.
This past Monday marked 3 months sober!!
Oh and I am officially registered for my first 5K on November 1st!!
Hopefully I’ll have a perfect running day instead of a pain in the ass, aggravating, drive you absolutely mad kind of running day. But if it does turn out to be bad I’ll try to make sure everyone gets a good laugh from it!! 🙂

(Thought I’d share a not so sweaty pic)

Thanks for reading.