Fitness Friday – Voodles

I am addicted to my noodle spiralizer. The love affair began when I tried out a recipe for Shrimp Scampi over zoodles (zucchini noodles).


This led me to betraying pasta once again by replacing it with zoodles in my spaghetti. It was so good that Kenny and I gobbled it up before I could snap a single photo.

I realized just how smitten I had become when I made a traditional pizza pasta salad (everything you like on top of your pizza thrown together with tri-color noodles and Italian dressing). This time I used seedless cucumber to replace the noodles, turkey pepperoni, black olives, banana peppers, mozzarella and instead of Italian dressing (loaded in added sugar), I used Brianna’s Real French Vinaigrette.

 Briannas Real French Vinaigrette Salad Dressing, 12 Ounce

Basically every time I use my spiralizer now I hear pasta singing,
“I should’ve bought you flowers
And held your hand
Should’ve gave you all my hours
When I had the chance”

Apart from the food aspect of my life the exercise part is still going strong; by that I mean, I’m strong. Yesterday I benched 135 pounds. Recently a few men have told me that I should be able to bench my body weight. Well, I did a little research into that and for a woman, that’s just not true. According to this calculator I am at an intermediate level and twenty pounds away from advanced. So, with that in mind I have to ask, 

 Thanks for reading 🙂 


Fitness Friday – Questionnaire

This week I would really love to hear from all of you! How many of you remember those MySpace questionnaires? I have made my own in hopes that people will fill them out and give me new ideas and new things to try. So, if you have the time, here is a Flashback Fitness Friday Survey:

  1. What inspired you to get healthy?
  2. How long have you been living a healthier lifestyle?
  3. What is your favorite exercise?
  4. What is your least favorite?
  5. When do you work out (morning, noon or night?)
  6. What is your go-to healthy meal?
  7. What’s your favorite healthy snack?
  8. Do you count calories?
  9. Do you allow yourself a cheat day/days?
  10. Do you meditate?
  11. Do you use positive affirmations? If so, which one do you use the most?
  12. What’s your biggest motivator?
  13. What is your biggest fitness/health accomplishment?
  14. What is one thing you wouldn’t give up (chocolate, coffee, etc.)
  15. What’s the best advice you’ve received about being fit and healthy?


Basically, share all of your tips, tricks and knowledge with me!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for reading ❤


Fitness Friday – Least

So many bloggers, especially fitness bloggers (including myself) write about their favorite exercises. They write about how much they love to run or dead lift or squat. They write about their favorite type of fitness; yoga, cross-fit, piyo (what?), etc. Today I want to write about my least favorite exercises, the ones that make me feel completely and totally miserable but I do them anyway because I know I’m going to see results.


Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

The majority of my hatred for these is the process of getting into position. Whatever muscle group is being worked to lift the dumbbells off of my thighs and place them over my head is not as strong as the muscle group that’s used to press them. I’m also not a fan of spending the next day feeling like my shoulders are attached to my earlobes.


I have no real reason for this. I just don’t like them.


You guys already know the details of this from previous posts but here’s a sweaty selfie anyway 😉

& saving the worst for last…

Split Squats:

(Taking a photo on a timer with 10 seconds to grab weights and get in position =nearly impossible. This is the best I could do)
Who knows how long I was doing goblet squats thinking they were split squats before someone told me.

I wish I was never corrected. These are killer! I see stars, I want to pass out, throw up and fall over throughout each set. The pain doesn’t stop when you stop either. For about two days afterwards I walk like a penguin mixed with a bull rider, it’s confusing and incredibly uncomfortable.

As strongly as I detest all of these things, there really is no greater feeling than successfully completing them.
Except maybe sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and watching your favorite chick flick… 😉

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

Fitness Friday – Two Months

Fitness Friday – Two Months

Today marks eight weeks of staying consistent with exercise. I feel better right now than I have in a long time. Here are a few things that happened this week…

My husband always brings the floor length mirror into the workout room. This never made sense to me. I have no desire to see my face mid-squat when I look like I’m in labor; but on Saturday I decided not to move the mirror. I’m going to have to hide it again because I kept getting distracted by my awesomeness and having to stop and take pictures ;).

What?! Are those muscles in my arm!?                 Less muscle but my face looks skinny!!

Monday I decided it was time for calorie and macro counting. I have been eating so much protein and drinking so much water I feel like I can’t move (but I have to move and fast because I’ve been peeing like a racehorse).

I lost two pounds in two days though so I think it’s working.

On Tuesday, Kayla and I realized we wouldn’t have time to work out after work so we decided to do the Jillian Michaels’ video at 6am. Yes, you read that right. I got up at 5:30am to do a freaking workout. That is commitment. There’s this magical thing called preworkout. It is loaded in vitamins and nutrients, not to mention a very large serving of caffeine.

I drank this in my angry/sleepy stupor and waited for it to kick in. By the time we started working out I was giggling like a drunken school girl (doing jumping jacks while laughing hysterically is no easy feat). By the end of the workout however I wanted to cry and go back to bed. With or without preworkout, I am not a morning person.

Overall, these past 8 weeks have been a lot of fun. They’ve been challenging, sweaty and have involved a lot of swearing and an unreasonable amount of chicken. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait till I can do a two year post, a ten year post and so on.

Two Month Progress:

Workout: (dumbbells)            Starting:                                             Current:

Squats:                                     40lbs                                                    90lbs
Dead Lifts:                                50lbs                                                   100lbs
Pushups:                                  5                                                          15
Video:                                      had to take 3 breaks                            0
Bench Presses:                       40lbs                                                    60lbs

(These aren’t all of the workouts I do but I have not progressed with shoulder presses, lat pulldowns or rows the way I have with the rest.)

Thank you

Fitness Friday – Isagenix

I have never agreed with diet plans that work like Mary Kay. You buy a whole bunch of weird meals or shakes, you do a 30 day program and then you turn around and start posting it all over your Facebook and trying to get all of your friends to buy it because if they do, you get paid. Aside from that everyone I knew who ever did them started working out and eating right so to me, it seemed pretty obvious that they lost weight because of that, not because of the program.

With that being said, I started Isagenix 2 weeks ago. My cousin is selling it and I like to support family (plus she was extremely pushy) so I told her I would try it.

In two weeks I’ve lost 2lbs (not a big deal) and 11/2 inches from my stomach (BIG DEAL). Yes, I have been eating healthy and I have been exercising. But here’s the part I didn’t anticipate with this program, I have no cravings. Does a sleeve of Oreo’s with milk sound good? Sure. But I don’t want them. I don’t find myself day dreaming about food at all. The other cool part is that I don’t have to count calories, or wonder if I’m getting enough protein for my workouts, or find out how many carbs I need for my height and weight. I pour a packet into some water, shake it up, drink it and that’s it. I have more energy, my workouts are better than they ever have been because I’m not getting sluggish or lightheaded. But more importantly, I’m not constantly frustrated and annoyed trying to figure out what I’m going to eat. This program is perfect for people who have no idea how to stop eating when they’re full, who get discouraged easily and then order pizza, and basically for anyone who has a bad relationship with food.

I’m not selling it. I’m not interested in that part of it. But I will share how I’ve been feeling because I feel relieved. There’s always people saying “don’t diet, change your lifestyle” and that never seemed possible for me. I tried Whole30, I tried Paleo, Gluten Free, Whole Foods and so on. Now I realize all I needed was a protein shake 😉

This is the End

Today is the last day of Whole30. For twenty-nine days I haven’t had any sugar, pasta, bread, milk, butter, cream, chocolate, cheese, beans, and the list goes on. I slipped up once or twice with things I didn’t realize had sugar in it (coconut flakes, mandarin oranges) but I think that’s to be expected in the beginning. Here is what I discovered, the good and the bad;

I love oranges.
Braeburn Apples are delicious.
Ghee is not as nasty as it looks or sounds.
I could never eat another piece of grilled chicken and that would be ok.
Salads are good, even without dressing.
I had heartburn almost every day.
Besides the heartburn my stomach felt better than it ever has.
I was hungry all the time.
I did not lose a single pound, however, my before and after pictures tell a different story.
I developed acne.
I had more energy than I thought I could have without sugar or caffeine.
I slept through the night.
I felt more alert, mentally and physically.
Would I do it again? Probably not to the extremes they require.

The best part about the whole experience is that I completed it. I followed it through until the end. I didn’t cheat and I didn’t give up.

As far as tomorrow goes, I intend to indulge in the largest piece of cake I can find. I’ll let you know if it tastes as good as I imagine it will.

Sorry I’m not posting my before and after pictures. Bra and underwear pictures on the internet aren’t really my thing.


Yesterday I decided to run to the grocery store to grab a quick lunch. I was going to be in and out of there in no time. All I needed was a can of tuna and an avocado. I went to the aisle with the canned meat and I grabbed my usual “Chicken of the Sea Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water.” Because I am halfway through Whole30 I decided to look at the label to make sure it was compliant. This is what I found,

an ingredients list a mile long. I began looking at the other brands around it and found that the lists were shorter but at the bottom they all read “Contains Soy.” Why exactly does my tuna need to contain soy? I’m not sure. I was expecting to see “Tuna, Water, and Salt” not an entire novel. I then went to the Organic section and spent $3.99 for one can of tuna instead of $1.61 for a can of a million little things.

In the 17 days that I’ve been participating in Whole30 I have noticed this kind of label trickery more and more. For example, honey and molasses are listed instead of sugar even though those ingredients have sugar added to them. Labels that at the bottom say “Contains Wheat” even though there’s nothing wheat related in the ingredients. And then there are the not so hidden ingredients; sugar is the third ingredient in bacon, corn syrup is the third ingredient in Italian Sausage, sugar is the third ingredient in Peanut Butter (or Molasses if it’s “Natural” Peanut Butter). I do not want or need sugar in my bacon, corn syrup in my sausage, molasses in my peanut butter, or soy in my tuna. When I complete Whole30 I will continue to read the labels and spend the extra money to get something with two ingredients instead of ten, because in this case less really is more.