Fitness Friday – Wagons

I have crashed the healthy diet wagon. I have been stuffing my face with bacon cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, ice cream, pizza, cookies and every other thing I felt I’ve been denying myself since January. My stomach hurts, it’s constantly trying to have conversations with people, I’m sluggish and I haven’t had a good night sleep in the last couple weeks.

In the midst of this delicious relapse I have not stopped exercising. Unlike so many times before when I have slipped and fallen, I have not thrown up my hands and played victim to my own self sabotage. Instead, I’ve worked harder, pushed myself further and said some really nasty things to myself which probably isn’t beneficial overall but it does help when trying to finish the last set of squats.

The point is, this will not last. This is my mid-year crisis happening early. I will go back to my chicken breast and vegetables soon enough. Until then, here is a workout photo because as much as I would love to share a food picture or recipe; my chocolate peanut butter ice cream isn’t very photogenic.

(apparently I’m not either)

Lastly, I decided to start doing a “Weekly Tip” and since this is the first week, I have two.

  1. Find a partner. Hell, find multiple partners (don’t be dirty). It is way more likely that you’re going to get out of bed at 6:30am to go for a run if you know someone else is up and waiting for you.
  2. Find a song that you haven’t listened to in 10-15 years and play it while you plank. You will be distracted realizing you still know all the words. For me it was In The End by Linkin Park (yes, that song came out 13 years ago). If that doesn’t distract you, take selfies.

Thanks for reading and sticking by me through all of my trips on the wagon, off the wagon, running next to the wagon, falling behind the wagon and of course crashing the wagon (I’ve never been a good driver). Hopefully I’ll have it fixed and running before too long.


Fitness Friday – Tantrum

I was going to title this week’s post “Fitness Friday – Relapse” but the definition of relapse is way too serious. So, I sat at my desk and relived Monday evening and I decided Tantrum was more appropriate.

Here’s what happened:

Kenny and I have these conversations a lot and never actually do it. Well, Monday proved to be a different story. We sat in our booth and considered leaving. The waiter hadn’t been over yet and I was starting to feel guilty. He showed up though, and before I knew it I was ordering Alfredo dipping sauce and waiting on the warm bread sticks with childish anticipation.

Here’s what I discovered during this whiny, “I want what I want and I’m going to have it!” spoiled brat outing.

  1. Everything does not taste differently after you’ve given it up.
    • I have heard so many people say that things don’t taste good after you haven’t eaten them for x amount of time. Apparently I have not yet reached that magical number because the chocolate mousse on top of the chocolate cheesecake that was sitting in a dark chocolate crumble crust with chocolate chips in it, still tasted freakin delightful.
  2. After 4 months without sweets, I can still finish an entire dessert.
    • There’s none of this “oh it’s so rich, I can only have a couple of bites” nonsense. That cake was gone, that plate was clean and anyone who saw me eating it probably thought I was auditioning for an adult film.
  3. Your stomach changes faster than your taste buds. All of that food tasted a lot better than it felt.
  4. If you jump off the wagon and eat yourself into a hole, you can use the upper body strength you’ve worked so hard for to pull yourself out. It doesn’t have to be an excuse to throw in the towel.

The next day,  I went to a work function that ended with dinner. After the entrees, everyone got up and served themselves cake, pie, coffee ice-cream (my favorite) and brownies. I sipped my club soda and tried not to creepily stare at the woman in front of me while she ate a little bit of everything. The spoiled brat on my shoulder (it’s not a demon – it’s an annoying fat kid) was trying to tell me that I already messed up, I ate cake the night before so I might as well eat a brownie. Well, the badass fitness chick on my other shoulder told the fat kid to shove it and I left, dessert free and in control again.

After my deliciously terrible outing on Monday I got an alert that I had been tagged on Facebook:

Jessica, if it wasn’t for this, I may have eaten the brownie and coffee ice-cream, so thank you! You are equally as badass if not more so for doing it all with two kids at home!


Lastly, my mother posted a picture of me yesterday in my new dress. I thought I’d let you all know I almost didn’t buy it because it was pretty tight around my massive bicep muscles 😉

Until next week,

Fitness Friday-Survive Vacation

“Is your diet really sustainable?”

The two common definitions for the word ‘diet’ are:

    the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.
    a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.

When people refer to my new ‘diet’ I always assume they are using the second definition of the word. Today though, I’m going to answer the question as if it were asked like this;

“Is your new lifestyle really sustainable?”

In short… Yes.
Is it hard? Sure.
Does it seem or feel impossible at times? Definitely!
But does that mean it’s not worth fighting for? No.

Adrienne’s Guide to Fighting for your Lifestyle while on Vacation:

If your vacation is going to start with a road trip, prepare!

How to prepare: Shop, dehydrate, pack and plan for the worst. What do I mean by the worst? I mean plan to step out of your car to get gas and be located right next to your favorite fast-food restaurant which makes the entire city smell like fried heaven and then say “no, I don’t eat that.” How do you plan or prepare for that? You pack a lot of snacks.

Here is an example of a road trip survival snack kit: Kale chips, sweet potato chips, squash and zucchini chips.

kale img_3503
I also had nuts, seltzer and fruit.

Next, be prepared to stop and spend money.

Eventually snacks aren’t enough, when you reach this point stop at a grocery store that you know has a great deli (Publix, Whole Foods, Kroger, etc.) and spend some money. We purchased turkey, lentil salads (already prepared and no added sugar) and macadamia nuts (which were twenty dollars a pound by the way).

Look hot in the car!
Wear heels and good pants or whatever makes you feel like a foxy lady (or man). Trust me, you don’t want to eat nearly as much when you’re not wearing sweat pants.

Once on vacation do not try to disengage with technology by leaving your cell phone behind. I found myself very hungry on the beach surrounded by taco stands and hot dog joints. My phone directed me to a salad with shrimp, avocado and mango – definitely a healthier choice that was also delicious.

Lastly and most importantly don’t feel guilty. If you’re visiting family or friends they will want to feed you. They will offer you dessert and treats. As generous and sweet (did you see what I did there?) as this is, do not feel guilty saying no. You will never survive if you’re plagued with guilt for trying to be a healthier you.


On another note, my birthday was amazing. It did not involve any cake. It did however involve new Under Armour sneakers, workout clothes, healthy snacks and an entire new weight bench, weight set and a squat/bench rack!!! Here’s a picture of my spoiled self on my birthday using my new selfie stick and wearing my new kicks 😉


Next weeks post will be filled with pictures of the new equipment!

Thanks for reading and thanks for following 🙂

Fitness Friday – Isagenix

I have never agreed with diet plans that work like Mary Kay. You buy a whole bunch of weird meals or shakes, you do a 30 day program and then you turn around and start posting it all over your Facebook and trying to get all of your friends to buy it because if they do, you get paid. Aside from that everyone I knew who ever did them started working out and eating right so to me, it seemed pretty obvious that they lost weight because of that, not because of the program.

With that being said, I started Isagenix 2 weeks ago. My cousin is selling it and I like to support family (plus she was extremely pushy) so I told her I would try it.

In two weeks I’ve lost 2lbs (not a big deal) and 11/2 inches from my stomach (BIG DEAL). Yes, I have been eating healthy and I have been exercising. But here’s the part I didn’t anticipate with this program, I have no cravings. Does a sleeve of Oreo’s with milk sound good? Sure. But I don’t want them. I don’t find myself day dreaming about food at all. The other cool part is that I don’t have to count calories, or wonder if I’m getting enough protein for my workouts, or find out how many carbs I need for my height and weight. I pour a packet into some water, shake it up, drink it and that’s it. I have more energy, my workouts are better than they ever have been because I’m not getting sluggish or lightheaded. But more importantly, I’m not constantly frustrated and annoyed trying to figure out what I’m going to eat. This program is perfect for people who have no idea how to stop eating when they’re full, who get discouraged easily and then order pizza, and basically for anyone who has a bad relationship with food.

I’m not selling it. I’m not interested in that part of it. But I will share how I’ve been feeling because I feel relieved. There’s always people saying “don’t diet, change your lifestyle” and that never seemed possible for me. I tried Whole30, I tried Paleo, Gluten Free, Whole Foods and so on. Now I realize all I needed was a protein shake 😉

March Kindness

You might be wondering where I’ve been…
Well let’s just say I spent the month of March making up for Whole30 February. I ate pizza, Mexican, fried chicken, and even McDonald’s. I had cookies, ice-cream, cake and candy bars. It was disgusting and delicious. I of course felt exhausted, fat and miserable for most of the month too. I decided to start this month off with a cleanse. For three days I am eating nothing but apples, drinking water, tea and coffee. I’m on the third day right now. I’ve felt a little lightheaded, I’ve been hungry pretty much the whole time and I can’t look at Pinterest at all.
image1 (2)
At the end of the day today I’m supposed to drink a tablespoon of Olive Oil and then gradually start eating other foods. I’ve decided to try to do three days with just greens after this (spinach, kale, salads, romaine, etc.) and then slowly start introducing protein. I’m also going back to my weight lifting routine (I was benching 100 pounds last month) and who knows, maybe I’ll join a gym or go to some fitness classes. It is spring after all, the time when everyone starts panicking because bathing suit season is right around the corner.

Basically, I’m still around. This is a lifelong journey. I may never have a 6 pack or become a fitness junkie but I will continue to challenge myself and test my will power. I’m not fighting for perfection I’m just trying to be the best version of me I can be. And maybe that person isn’t skinny and built, maybe the best me is the one that bakes delicious treats and is much softer to hug.

This is the End

Today is the last day of Whole30. For twenty-nine days I haven’t had any sugar, pasta, bread, milk, butter, cream, chocolate, cheese, beans, and the list goes on. I slipped up once or twice with things I didn’t realize had sugar in it (coconut flakes, mandarin oranges) but I think that’s to be expected in the beginning. Here is what I discovered, the good and the bad;

I love oranges.
Braeburn Apples are delicious.
Ghee is not as nasty as it looks or sounds.
I could never eat another piece of grilled chicken and that would be ok.
Salads are good, even without dressing.
I had heartburn almost every day.
Besides the heartburn my stomach felt better than it ever has.
I was hungry all the time.
I did not lose a single pound, however, my before and after pictures tell a different story.
I developed acne.
I had more energy than I thought I could have without sugar or caffeine.
I slept through the night.
I felt more alert, mentally and physically.
Would I do it again? Probably not to the extremes they require.

The best part about the whole experience is that I completed it. I followed it through until the end. I didn’t cheat and I didn’t give up.

As far as tomorrow goes, I intend to indulge in the largest piece of cake I can find. I’ll let you know if it tastes as good as I imagine it will.

Sorry I’m not posting my before and after pictures. Bra and underwear pictures on the internet aren’t really my thing.


Yesterday I decided to run to the grocery store to grab a quick lunch. I was going to be in and out of there in no time. All I needed was a can of tuna and an avocado. I went to the aisle with the canned meat and I grabbed my usual “Chicken of the Sea Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water.” Because I am halfway through Whole30 I decided to look at the label to make sure it was compliant. This is what I found,

an ingredients list a mile long. I began looking at the other brands around it and found that the lists were shorter but at the bottom they all read “Contains Soy.” Why exactly does my tuna need to contain soy? I’m not sure. I was expecting to see “Tuna, Water, and Salt” not an entire novel. I then went to the Organic section and spent $3.99 for one can of tuna instead of $1.61 for a can of a million little things.

In the 17 days that I’ve been participating in Whole30 I have noticed this kind of label trickery more and more. For example, honey and molasses are listed instead of sugar even though those ingredients have sugar added to them. Labels that at the bottom say “Contains Wheat” even though there’s nothing wheat related in the ingredients. And then there are the not so hidden ingredients; sugar is the third ingredient in bacon, corn syrup is the third ingredient in Italian Sausage, sugar is the third ingredient in Peanut Butter (or Molasses if it’s “Natural” Peanut Butter). I do not want or need sugar in my bacon, corn syrup in my sausage, molasses in my peanut butter, or soy in my tuna. When I complete Whole30 I will continue to read the labels and spend the extra money to get something with two ingredients instead of ten, because in this case less really is more.