Three Years

I did not get married under the impression that it would be easy. In fact, I got married believing marriage would be the hardest thing I would ever do because love is a battlefield, it bites and it bleeds, it’s hard on the knees and in the end it’s a losing game… Well, at least that’s what the songs say. I expected to feel the weight of commitment as soon as I said “I do.” I listened to the warnings. I knew the statistics. I saw the facial expressions, the concern and the doubt. I was making a huge decision and everyone wanted to make sure I knew the risk, and I did. I signed the certificate anyway, because I can’t say no to a challenge (oh and because I was completely in love).

In the past three years my marriage has been the least challenging thing in my life. In the past six years our relationship has been the least of my worries. Life is what’s hard and so far, marriage has made it easier. I have someone in my life who will give me advice, listen to me rant, let me cry, take care of me when I’m sick, travel with me, hold me, build me up and convince me that I’m capable of anything. I have a best friend that I love so deeply it’s made me believe in Nicholas Sparks stories and fairy tales. Love isn’t the battlefield, living is and now I have a partner that will stand beside me and fight with and for me instead of against me.

If this is a game then I’m all in. If I lose it all, like Robin Williams said, at least I played a hand.

Happy three year anniversary Mr. Collins, I’ll love you for a thousand more ❤


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