Fitness Friday -Cardio

I’ve practiced yoga. I’ve taken meditation classes. I’ve used YouTube and meditation apps to slow down, get in the moment and breathe. When I go jogging my peaceful yogi meditative mind calmly tries to reassure my anxious, tired, cramping, hyperventilating body that I can do this. It goes something like this:

Body: Wait, what are you doing?
Mind: Just go with it, it will be fun.
Body: Fun? I already can’t breathe!
Mind: In through the nose, out through the mouth.
Body: I can’t breathe in through my nose! I think I have allergies. I just inhaled a bug!!
(cue panting and flailing while swatting at bugs)
Mind: Look around you, feel the sun, it’s such a beautiful day.
Body: Do you feel your stomach flopping around? That’s not beautiful. You wore the wrong bra for this! How long do we have to do this? Oh cramp! Cramp!!

This lasted a whole thirteen minutes which ended up being a mile and a half. Honestly, this was a lot better than I expected.

Why am I jogging?

I drive J home after our workout. On the way back to his house I pass the park where I used to jog. I’m always considering cardio and counting calories. I hate counting calories and I hate cardio. I do however, love to eat and therefor I need to introduce some cardio. Kenny and I have started to play tennis on Saturday’s which is fun but doesn’t seem like enough. So last night after doing an upper-body workout and dropping J off, I decided to just do it. I probably swallowed more bugs than I can count, I really was wearing the wrong bra so the park guests got a show and for half a mile I had a cramp which made me run like one side of my body was smaller than the other. All in all, it was a success.

Kind of.

Our new and improved home gym looks awesome! We did a chalkboard wall, put up a shelf so all of our gloves/braces/weird looking workout bands, yoga mats, etc. aren’t in a pile on the floor.

And we set up our new equipment 🙂


Happy Friday everyone! 



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