Fitness Friday – Winter

Who’s with me?

Let’s be honest for a minute, February sucks. In January everyone is optimistic, they have a whole new year ahead of them and they’re ready to trudge forth and conquer. Then February comes, somehow it gets colder, darker, grayer and everything seems harder. This might not be true for everyone but it’s true for me. February makes me want to eat warm fattening comfort food, skip workouts and lay on the couch under blankets in the middle of the day. I haven’t done this however because guess what?

(Even if that means being miserable while working out 😉 ).
I’ve gone up in weight in almost all of my exercises this week, I can now do four chin ups (smoothly I might add) and I keep trying new things to keep myself busy. I finished the Jillian Michael’s cleanse. I don’t think I lost 5lbs of belly bloat but I did feel better. I made Black Bean Brownie’s so that I could get the feeling of baking without the guilt of dessert (I thought they were delightful, others who haven’t been avoiding sugar like the plague for a month weren’t that impressed). Tonight I’m making Quinoa Salmon Cakes, I’m going to substitute the mayo for plain Greek yogurt. I’ve started composting finally, and for once in my life I’ve kept groceries in my house.
These are my essentials:

There is such a thing as pre-made Hummus and Peanut Butter without added sugar!!

I also have a constant supply of boneless skinless chicken breast, frozen veggies and fresh spinach but they weren’t photographing as well.

I keep myself busy with food because I love food. I love to cook and I love to eat. I’ve found enjoyment in challenging myself with recipes, experimenting with new ingredients and finding the hidden sugar in almost everything that’s put in front of me (this week it was the little crackers they give you with soup or salad, third ingredient was sugar, fourth was corn syrup). You have to find a way to enjoy what you’re doing, to make it fun, to make it a game that you are winning, otherwise the winter or the challenge will get the best of you.

Stay strong, stay warm and keep trudging – bathing suit season is right around the corner!


6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Winter

  1. I used the same shredded coconut to make Turmeric, coconut lentils tonight! 75% of your ingredients are in my pantry as well. Kudos on your progress!

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