Fitness Friday-Food

This week has been all about food… and ranting.

Like this:

Or this:

Since I couldn’t have a cupcake, I decided some peanut butter and jelly toast would suffice. I know what you’re thinking; how could I possibly have bread, peanut butter and any kind of fruit spread without having any added sugar?! Well, it looked something like this:

I used Nature’s Place All Natural Peanut Butter which only has peanuts and salt listed under the ingredients,
Ezekiel Low Sodium Bread  (found in the frozen food section because it lacks preservatives 😉 ) and frozen raspberries blended in my food processor. Is it gluten-free? No. Does it have natural sugars? Yes. Is it Paleo, Whole30 or any other kind of primal diet approved? No. I’m trying to make a habit out of eating better for life, not for a diet. I have cut out all added sugar including stevia, molasses, honey, coconut sugar, corn syrup, cane syrup, maple syrup, dehydrated cane syrup (what?) and all other forms of added sugar. Are some of these healthy? Probably. Is every health decision debatable? Definitely. I am a firm believer in doing what works best for you. So far, this is working very well for me. I have more energy (I’m actually considering switching to decaf coffee). I have been sleeping better and I am less hungry. One day I might decide to go gluten free, dairy free, legume free, fruit free or food free but for now I’m getting used to eating without all the added sweetness in my life. So, what do I eat when I’m craving sweets? I make some frozen banana ice-cream or heat up an apple with some cinnamon and pecans.
My personal favorite is a protein shake (BulkSupplements Whey – No added sugars or artificial sweeteners – Available on Amazon) with frozen bananas, almond butter, cocoa and whole milk. I wouldn’t recommend eating all of these things in the same day or every day but they definitely help when the cravings set in.
For the rest of my diet I basically eat a lot of fresh vegetables and boneless skinless chicken breast. I replaced “Whole Wheat” bread with Ezekiel, flour-tortillas with brown-rice tortillas, regular pepperoni for turkey pepperoni (when I’m craving pizza). I make my own olive oil mayonnaise because I haven’t found any that is pre-made without sugar and I’ve ditched most condiments, dressings, seasonings, etc and try to make my own.

(brown rice tortilla, blackened chicken, mixed greens and organic salsa)

Like everyone else who’s trying to make changes to see changes I was feeling a little discouraged this week when it comes to exercise. I was whining about how I don’t see the results I want to see, etc. In the midst of my pity party I started reading some other blogs and I came across two things that helped me through all of my workouts this week.
1st. “You have to do hard core shit to get hard core results!”
2nd. “It took three years before I started seeing the body I wanted.”
Three years! I’m over here complaining after seven months. So, I decided to go home and bust out my upper-body workout. I was dancing and jumping around in between each set. I worked out with my husband one evening which was super nice. I am really lucky that he joins in all of these fitness ventures with me (including cutting out red bulls and candy). I have also started doing “Yoga with Adriene” three mornings a week before work and plan to jog on my rest days. On top of that I’m on my third day of this detox: Jillian Michaels recipe.:
It might not be as hard core as crossfit but jogging, yoga and weight-training is hard core enough for me right now.

Here are some more photos from this week:

(Even when you don’t notice them or are blind to them, there are results!)

I’ve been tying scarves around my head to do the alternative leg press instead of wearing a beanie because the scarf is slick. Just another perk to working out at home!

Until next week…


5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday-Food

  1. Have you tried frozen grapes as a sweet snack? I discovered them while playing soccer. They get pretty sweet and have a fun texture.

  2. You are headed in the right direction! Diet was 90% of my weight loss. I’m glad you’re taking the time to look at all the nutritional data on foods. It’s surprising just how much gets added in for shelf life sake!

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