Fitness Friday- 2016 Goals

I have a lot to say.
I have a lot to say about dieting. I have a lot to say about eating healthy. I have a lot to say about finding myself scooping vanilla ice-cream over a chocolate melting cake after finishing a bacon cheeseburger with french fries for dinner even though my New Year’s resolution was to eat healthier.

Instead of saying a lot I will only say this. I haven’t eaten sugar since Tuesday. At least not intentionally. If it was somehow hidden in the chicken soup I got from take-out, well there’s only so much a person can do.

The reason I do not want to say a lot about this is because I know I can go through this blog and find multiple posts about how I’m going to take control and eat right. Food has been my kryptonite. After I have spent more time eating healthier I will write about it, until then I will leave you with my strength goals for 2016: 


(10 pull-ups)  

There you have it. Big dreams for 2016! Hopefully next week I can share some photos of me trying to do some of these things. Until then I will leave you with my overall feeling this week: 



4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday- 2016 Goals

  1. It’s OK to enjoy the burger. Self control is to eat only half. Save the other half for the next day or two. Here is the big step, eat only half of the dessert and THROW the other half out. If you are eating out make them take it away. You won’t be stuffed, a whole lot less guilt, and you still satisfy your palate without abusing your stomach and arteries. Don’t worry that it is wasteful or you paid for it. You will be surprised how liberating it is to have the control to do it.
    Keep up the good work…..we know you can reach your goals.

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