Fitness Friday-Twenty Fifteen

The end of the year is approaching. This is usually the time of year when I start regretting all the things I did not accomplish. This year is different. It’s not different because I have accomplished more than I have in previous years. Yes, I’ve had great successes but I’ve also had great defeats. What’s different is that this year I’m choosing to give my attention to the progress instead of the step-backs!

I have continued a workout routine for six months!
I’ve lost fourteen inches, a pant size and a lot of insecurity.
I’ve reached and surpassed goals (see chart below for proof).

  • I did not start benching with dumbbells until later. In the beginning I was using a machine. I got up to one hundred pounds and decided to switch to dumbbells. I could only bench forty pounds. This is why I prefer free weights.
    Also, I’ve lost inches! Have I mentioned that? Well, my point is, I’ve been weight lifting, doing limited cardio and I’ve lost inches in my legs, butt, chest, arms and stomach. I have not bulked. My shoulders are not broader. Weight lifting has made me stronger, not manlier. Just sayin.

Apart from fitness I’m almost finished with Invisalign.
I have not been drunk in 2015!
I practically doubled my sales at my job this year.
I read Beowulf!
And I have EIGHTY-THREE blog followers!! Thank you all!

I’m not trying to brag (although I obviously have reason to 😉 ). I’m trying to focus on the positive.
This year instead of making a list of New Years resolutions, make a list of all the things you have accomplished. Take a moment to appreciate all that has happened, all that you have done and pat yourself on the back. Who knows what twenty-sixteen will bring? Instead of trying to prepare or plan for it, relish the year you’re in!


I will not be posting next Friday so I hope everyone has very Happy Holidays! I will be back in the New Year 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday-Twenty Fifteen

  1. You, my love, are an inspiration to all … younger and we olders. Have a wonderful holiday and looking forward to continued reading of your endeavors! Hugs.

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