Fitness Friday – December

I’m sorry I haven’t posted!

Limited fitness!

Briefly, here’s what’s happened:
I cheated and measured.
I’ve lost about 14 inches.
Somehow I’ve lost over a foot of fat but I’ve only lost 6 pounds.
In my spare tire alone, I have lost 5 INCHES!

Goblet squats are my new favorite form of squats.
I can’t seem to move up from 3 pull-ups.
December has gotten the best of me.

I’ll have more next week.

For now, here’s some photos of me looking skinny 😉


On a humorous note, my last post showed me doing my first crow pose. Well, I left out the picture that came directly after…

Yes, that’s me face planting into the hard wood floors. Fortunately, I had my invisalign in to guard my teeth!

Until next week 🙂


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