Fitness Friday -Stretch

A few years ago my husband went to the doctor. He was having trouble moving because of lower back pain. After three hours of waiting and two minutes with the doctor we had a diagnosis. Kenny was handed a piece of paper that said “Diagnosis: Lower Back Pain” and a prescription for Vicodin. He asked the doctor if there were any exercises or stretches he could do instead of just taking pain killers. The doctor said, “no, don’t push yourself” and left. We were stuck with a $300 bill, yet another prescription and no solution. We decided that unless it was absolutely necessary, we weren’t going to the doctor anymore.

What does this have to do with Fitness Friday? Well, this past week my shoulder was bothering me. It stopped me from doing shoulder presses, the Jillian Michael’s video and dead lifts. I attempted to roll it out, do some yoga videos but it consistently stayed tight and sore.
A friend of mine recently changed his career on Facebook to “Recovery and Prevention Specialist.” He’s been in the fitness realm for awhile and is recovering from a serious injury himself. I have randomly asked him for his thoughts on weight-lifting and cardio. I figured with his new job title I should ask him about my shoulder. From miles away, without seeing me, without having to wait three hours in a creepy hospital he was able to tell me which muscle it was and how to stretch it. I was back to doing shoulder presses and dead lifts the next day.
I’m sure it’s not always that easy but it is amazing that there are people specializing in that kind of recovery. People who aren’t being pressured by pharmaceutical companies and who actually want to work it out, even if it’s a little painful and uncomfortable. So, thank you Sam Farr! I’m really glad you’re in this realm and have found such a fitting field!
(He also blogs if you want to check him out – Sam Farr II)

Aside from the shoulder this week has been great! I fit into a pair of jeans that haven’t fit for over 2 years, I successfully did the crow pose in yoga and I worked out while on vacation. Yesterday I rolled out of bed onto the floor and did thirty push ups and some ab workouts before stuffing my face with our thanksgiving feast. And today I did a quick body weight exercise I found online. Trying to stick to it no matter where I am!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for following 🙂 

(Not the best angle to see it but my toes were off the floor!)


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