Fitness Friday – It’s Okay


I decided this week that it is okay to be comfortable. In the last two weeks I have stepped out of my comfort zone and I haven’t particularly cared for it. I have never been an athletic person. I never played sports, I was never into competing, gymnastics or fitness of any kind. I’ve never liked exercise classes or group activities. I don’t even like to dance.  People have a hard time believing this. They think that somewhere deep down I really want to dance, that if I just got up and busted a move, I would enjoy myself. This is not the case. The thought of any of these things causes panic. That place somewhere deep down that might want to dance? That place wants to cry just typing about it. This panicky, whiny, insecure part of myself certainly isn’t my favorite but it’s there and that’s okay. If I am comfortable taking ridiculous pictures of myself, blogging about my fitness journey and making a spectacle of myself via the internet but not in front of a group of people or face to face (or butt to face if it’s yoga) then so be it. I do not need to “get comfortable being uncomfortable” and life IS happening inside of my comfort zone.

So what brought on this realization? I went to a gym.
First, there were mirrors everywhere. I am the most narcissistic and vein person that I know and I am saying there were too many.
Second, it was packed.
Third, no matter what angle I tried an exercise, my entire body was visible to anyone and everyone in the gym because of the mirror walls.
It wasn’t a good experience. The lights were too bright, the music was annoying but most of all I was uncomfortable (the stressful, cortisol releasing kind of uncomfortable).

There were some pros. I did squats with 180 pounds… FOUR REPS!
I bench pressed 115 pounds… THREE TIMES!
This puts me in-between intermediate and advanced (according to these charts from

Pounds Squat – Adult Women
Body Weight Untrained Novice Intermediate Advanced Elite
97 45 85 100 130 165
105 50 90 105 140 175
114 55 100 115 150 190
123 55 105 120 160 200
132 60 110 130 170 210
148 65 120 140 185 230
165 70 130 150 200 255
181 75 140 165 215 270
198 80 150 175 230 290
199+ 85 160 185 240 305
Pounds Bench Press – Adult Women
Body Weight Untrained Novice Intermediate Advanced Elite
97 50 65 75 95 115
105 55 70 80 100 125
114 60 75 85 110 135
123 65 80 90 115 140
132 70 85 95 125 150
148 75 90 105 135 165
165 80 95 115 145 185
181 85 110 120 160 195
198 90 115 130 165 205
199+ 95 120 140 175 220

I am glad that I went. It just reassured me that I am not a gym or group fitness kind of person. And that’s okay.

Instead, I can run around in the dark and the mud and feel more confident than ever!
Last night we decided to take our cardio outside. We walked the length of the yard and back, sprinted, did lunges and ended by dropping down and doing push-ups. We did three sets of this (about thirty minutes). It was muddy, the sprinting was rough but we had fun! I definitely want to do more endurance training. Thanks Aunt Linda for the sprinting suggestion!

It’s really hard to get good pictures of high-intensity evening workouts! This is the best I could do.

For anyone out there who is also uncomfortable in group settings, stressed out by trips to the gym and awkward in fitness classes, it’s okay! We are not all the same. Just keep yourself motivated and keep pushing on, even it means late night muddy workout sessions!


4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – It’s Okay

  1. I dont like group settings either…but i found that i specifically dont like BIG groups, like at gyms. I went to a REALLY small personal training gym when i started working out, there were 10 people MAX per class, usually only 3 or 4 of us. It was good to start working out that way, FOR ME! I’m still not big into group workouts, I did Zumba once…once! I felt like an idiot, i didnt know what i was doing and everyone else did and i couldnt laugh it off. I was embarrassed. So i feel ya and totally know what you are talking about.

    I’m writing to you on here now so Anne doesn’t make fun of me anymore HAHAHA.

    I have some Firm videos that I’m wanting to get rid of. They aren’t so much dancy as they are a little more bouncier than i was used to. A few of them are excellent for cardio though…and you can do them in the privacy of your own home. My ex walked in on me one time working out to them and i immediately sat on the floor until he left. Anyways…let me know if you want them, I’d be happy to give them to you free of charge!

    • I will take any bouncy embarrassing videos you can find! Thank you! Anne makes fun of you?! She’s scared you’ll start to like me more, it’s that sister rivalry 😉 I’m glad you always read, it’s good to know there are people who can relate!

  2. Yeah, that’s right, I’m only ever going to comment on your fitness posts…

    Really glad you wrote this. Fitness marketing these days is quick to perpetuate the notion that if you dislike the gym, then fitness just isn’t for you. The more people there are like you out there, taking control of their own fitness and doing it wherever they damn well please, the more gyms will have to work on gearing their product specifically to people who want to achieve their results in that environment, instead of trying to guilt everyone and anyone into having a membership, whether they use it or not.

    • Commenting on every fitness post is fine with me 😉 The marketing thing is very true! I’m not sure why I got sucked in. I’m glad I tried it to realize how much I don’t like it and I’m glad I didn’t allow it to discourage me the way it has in the past. I would still like to try a crossfit gym, because I feel like they’re going more in that direction (gearing their products to what people actually want) but I’m not sure if I agree with a lot of their philosophies. Either way, I’m going to continue to try new things, whether I find anything I like or not is a different story. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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