Fitness Friday – Change

Happy Friday everyone!
I think it is time to change some things up. Once a week I need to do something crazy adventurous that’s fitness related. I’m running out of things to write about because I do the same workouts every week and I’m afraid the pictures are getting boring. So, if you have any ideas of crazy fun things to try, please let me know! I can’t guarantee that I will try them all but there’s a good chance your ideas will be next weeks post.

As far as pictures go, I realized I was being a bit hypocritical last week. I was complaining about the made up, trashy women in the motivational videos and I realized that I take probably thirty photos a week and I only post four. I go through them and pick the pictures that are taken at the best angles,  where I look the thinnest and when my facial expression isn’t too ridiculous.
So, without further ado, here are my real exercise faces:

Surprisingly, this is a real fitness face as well. Apparently when I do the Jillian Michaels’ video I tap into the girl who used to practice all of her sisters cheer-leading routines.

Since moving up to level two in the video I have had to stop periodically and Kayla has had to set down her weights. Last night, I didn’t stop and she held her weights the whole time.
Progress is progress.

I think last night we were sweatier than we’ve ever been before.

Lastly, my mother told me that I don’t tell her (or blog about) any psychical changes that I see. Apparently, I don’t talk about noticing any body transformation or muscle definition. So here is my list of what has changed in the last four months.
I have lost a full cup size of boob. I’m not exaggerating. My boobs have not been this small since I was twelve.
I say boobs instead of chest because my chest is not small. I now have muscles in my chest that I can see moving (as in, I can flex them and they ripple, it’s weird).
I have a bicep muscle. When I flex, my under arm flap almost disappears.

The flap’s new name is Bicep Hammock (think about it).
My triceps are my favorite muscles.
Although my legs feel bigger, they aren’t. I actually have some quad definition.
I have way less cellulite on my butt and it’s higher, a lot higher.
And lastly, the biggest change of all, my face is super skinny!!

(Well, super skinny for me 😉 )

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to give me ideas for next weeks post!


7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Change

  1. Do some shot distance Fartlek training. I would jog for a minute (you can walk) then spirt for 20 steps ( you could jog) and adjust the numbers as your indurance goes up.

  2. Do you have a wheelbarrow at your house? Could you get hold of one? Dump some rocks in a wheelbarrow then run up and down a hill with it as many times as you can manage. Be sure to keep your head up, your back straight, and your chest out, and maintain good posture the entire time. This is one of the absolute best workouts a person can do, and it doesn’t require any specialist equipment, just a wheelbarrow, a hill and something heavy.

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