Fitness Friday – Oreos

So today I realized that Oreos do not lift weights… Or your ass for that matter (Kayla’s words) and so no more double stuffed for me. Double stuffed Oreos lead to double belly rolls and double the amount of butt sag. 

I was feeling weak. I was craving cookies and so I gave in. I think that’s ok to do from time to time. But to eat almost the whole container in 2 days is not a good idea. My mind takes not standing on the scale as an excuse to go wild and eat whatever I want. Time to shut that down. 

The colder weather and shorter days isn’t helping either. But I’m going to push through the holidays. I’m going to make sure my tush isn’t sagging for the new year! 

So here’s to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and any other events in-between. You won’t win this time! 

And of course I can’t end a blog post without a few pictures.

How I feel like I look while doing lat-pull downs:  

How I actually do them: 

I think my least favorite weight lifting exercise is shoulder presses.  

   But I still keep smiling πŸ˜‰
Until next time… 



5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Oreos

  1. Love the piece, pretty much sums up where I’m at mentally! I’m 3 weeks in to my own prog, only starting to cut out the bad stuff now incrementally, 5 weeks of getting strict with a few here and there noms, then 4 weeks super strict! You are hilarious btw! πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Well thank you! I find it easier to keep going if I laugh things off instead of taking myself so seriously (like I have in the past). Congratulations on your fitness journey! It sounds like you’ve got a good system in place. Thanks for reading and commenting 😊

  2. YAY!! Saturday morning inspiration for us “Old Lady” people!! (And an added hint … don’t buy a whole package of oreos … just buy a snack size. Like the kind at the checkout … then, you can eat the whole thing and there’s only like 4 or 5.)

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