Fitness Friday-Just Keep Swimming

I had 3 hours to pack, shower, get ready and get on the road for New York…
I worked out.

I was in New York, running on very little sleep and a lot of cheese curd.
I worked out.

I returned from New York, still sleep deprived and hadn’t lifted any weights in 5 days,
I worked out.

I got sick. I was nauseous and lightheaded. I really wanted to hurl.
I worked out.

It is dark, gray, cold, wet and miserable here.
I’m still working out.

I’ll just keep swimming.

I’m up to 3 pull-ups!!
I’m down 13 inches (for those of you who don’t know, that’s more than a foot of fat loss).
I have stopped myself from eating cookies, brownies and all other delicious things this week. I was in the lane, slowing down, with my blinker on to turn into McDonald’s for their warm chocolate chip cookies and somehow I willed myself not to go. I turned my blinker off, sped up and did not gorge myself on the 3 for $1 sweets.

I’m still here. Still swimming. Still getting fit!

I think my face lost 13 inches 😉

The girl who got me back into fitness!


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