Fitness Friday – Bad Week

Fitness is not always fun. I tend to keep my posts lighthearted and excited. Surprisingly, the last two months have been exciting and a lot of fun. But this last week SUCKED! The first problem, I attempted to eat breakfast every day. Eating a full meal in the morning is not for me. Secondly, I just felt crappy all week. Last night I laid there and grabbed any chunk rolls I could find while whining to Kenny about how I’m not making any progress. It was a complete spoiled brat moment and I’m glad it’s over.

My husband is a saint, literally. In these moments he is always calm, grinning and telling me I’m beautiful, more beautiful than I’ll ever know. He doesn’t get frustrated, he doesn’t roll his eyes, he just listens and assures me that I am wrong. Honestly, who else in the world would do that? I want to roll my eyes at myself and usually there’s a voice in my head yelling at me to shut up and stop being a tool, but as for my husband? He just takes it all in and still finds a way to compliment me, even though I’m being ridiculous.

With all that being said, I did not slack off this week. In fact, I pushed hard through all my workouts. I read that you’re supposed to squeeze your butt cheeks together when you stand up from a squat. I started doing that during the Jillian Michael’s video and got a cramp from my butt cheek down to the back of my knee. I squatted through it though, because that’s just how I do 😉
I haven’t been able to move up in weight on shoulder presses since I started doing them. But this week I’m up to 30lbs in each hand!!
I moved up in bench presses too. I’m benching 70lbs with dumbbells.
I lost another inch in my spare tire, moving up to a total of 3.5 inches since July 3.
And I can successfully do one pull up and two chin ups.

Deep breaths to prepare


Basically, all of my complaints are unwarranted. I am progressing, my chunk rolls are shrinking and as always, my husband knows best.


5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Bad Week

  1. I had the same issue with not eating breakfast then going to eat something. I did it slowly, one week oatmeal, next week Add 2 eggs, and now I added a protein shake. We are all different, I just found it so hard to start all at once

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