Fitness Friday-Reaching Goals

About six weeks ago I decided to set some fitness goals (Remember this?) One of those goals was to be able to do twenty push ups by the end of the year. Well, on September 1st I reached that goal.

I did TWENTY push ups in forty-three seconds. Six weeks ago I could only do five. I’m not sure what to do now. I didn’t think I’d reach a goal that quickly and now I don’t know what to set for a new one. I think for right now I’ll just relish in my success.

Currently, I’m benching sixty pounds, squatting with ninety and dead lifting a hundred. I’m wearing gloves now too, because I’m a badass 😉

Whatever these things are called and planks are probably my favorite core exercises. I don’t actually smile at all while doing them but I can fake it for photos.

Sorry for the nudity but my back has been one of my main insecurities for a long time. This is the progress I’ve made in 8 weeks.


I like pictures. Honestly, if you’re going to blog about fitness I think pictures should be involved. Maybe this is my extreme narcissism and vanity or maybe it comes from liking picture books as a child, either way, this blog will continue to have lots of photos. I just thought I should warn you.

Until next Friday…  


9 thoughts on “Fitness Friday-Reaching Goals

  1. In the relm of everything fitness, if you don’t have pictures or video, it didn’t happen 😉

    Most of the fun of all this is saying “Hey Look what I did!” And goals are a constant in this. This is where the short term, and long term goals come in. Set one big long-term oe and then you can set a bunch of smaller ones to get you there.

    • I’m just having a hard time figuring out what’s attainable and realistic. Plus I’m not exactly sure what I want to be able to do in the long term. 50 by the end of the year? 100 total? Do I really want to do that many push ups? Or should I focus on a new exercise altogether? Like pull-ups. See my dilemma? Thank you for reading and commenting!! I’m glad you’re following my progress 😉

  2. I’m really impressed with your progress! Glad I found your blog. We have a lot of the same goals. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting! I look forward to reading your blog as well. It’s great to have people in your life (even if it’s the cyber life) who are trying to achieve the same goals! Congratulation, it seems like you’ve come really far already!

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