Fitness Friday – Weight Lifting

The last time I went for a run it felt like my lungs gave out and I started crying in the middle of the street while walking past a bunch of kids playing basketball. I felt defeated.
running and crying
So of course, I quit and haven’t been for a run since. The doctor gave me an inhaler but something about that makes me feel even more defeated than crying in the street. So, I started researching weight training instead of cardio.
There areย a million articles about this and they all have different opinions. Some say cardio is the only way to lose weight and it’s great for your heart. Others say weight training is better for you because it builds muscle and muscle burns more calories. On and on it goes.
I’m done reading.
I have been lifting weights 3-4 times a week for 3 weeks now. I’m not sure how much of the change I see in my body is related to weight lifting and how much is the diet but I’m happy either way. I am also getting stronger. I can squat with 60lbs, bench 100 and dead lift 60. When I started I could do 30, 73, 30. I would say that’s a pretty nice improvement in 3 weeks. I also got on the floor and did 10 perfect push ups. I’m not sure how long it’s been since I’ve done a push up so to get on the floor and do 10 is impressive, at least for me.

I have a workout partner for the first time. It’s definitely helpful. She keeps me motivated and competitive. And because we work out at my house, it stays a lot cleaner.
I’ll be honest, before I started lifting weights I always rolled my eyes at my husband and his friend for blaring rock music and grunting/yelling while they were working out but I completely get it now. The rock music makes you push harder and the yelling makes you feel better. If there was a video camera in our weight room I probably wouldn’t show my face again.

I’m going to keep this up. I’m actually having a lot of fun!

Old picture… I’ll make sure to have new ones next week ๐Ÿ˜‰


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