Happy Mother’s Day

I keep reading these posts about things to thank your mother for. They all include something like “Helping me get ready for school” or “all the times she put me on the bus” and “for cleaning my room” or “always smiling”. As a home-schooled kid, I can’t thank my mom for any of those things. So instead, I thought I’d write my own.

  1. Thank you for not putting us on the bus.
  2. Thank you for staying home and watching us grow and knowing us.
  3. Thank you for working sometimes so we could go on “field trips” (field trips and vacations go hand in hand for homeschoolers)
  4. Thank you for all the days we laid on the trampoline or watched sesame street instead of doing school work.
  5. Thank you for not “socializing” us. We all figured it out just fine on our own.
  6. Thank you for making me clean my own room.
  7. Thank you for leaving me a list of chores.
  8. Thank you for not always smiling and for showing your crazy side, it’s because you did that I can recognize my own.
  9. Thank you for not being a pansy who tried to put us in the corner or send us to our room.
  10. Thank you for spanking us (even when you used the paddle or the spoon).
  11. Thank you for teaching us manners and respect.
  12. Thank you for not letting us be monster children that nobody liked.
  13. Thank you for kicking us out of the house and making us play outside.
  14. Thank you for teaching us how to hold our silverware.
  15. Thank you for making us walk around with books on our head.
  16. Thank you for Unschooling.
  17. Thank you for teaching us to think outside the box and to question authority.
  18. Thank you for being open and honest about your life and not sugar coating.
  19. Thank you for your understanding.
  20. Thank you for swearing at me on my wedding day so I would stop being a brat.
  21. Thank you for rolling your eyes, sighing and being open about how much we can exhaust you (especially during the teenage years).
  22. Thank you for your excitement and genuine enthusiasm in everything we were and are excited about.
  23. Thank you for approving, even when you thought you wouldn’t.
  24. Thank you for always sharing your opinion, openly, bluntly and without holding back (“Why would you put a bumper sticker on a Maserati?”).
  25. Thank you for making rules, usually once we broke them we found out why they were there in the first place (“don’t touch the coal stove”).
  26. Thank you for not letting me pluck my eyebrows too thin.
  27. Thank you for never mentioning my weight during my fat stage.
  28. Thank you for making me buy my own goth clothes.
  29. Thank you for all your nights of worrying.
  30. Thank you for all the diaper changes.
  31. Thank you for all the feminine lessons, and products 😉
  32. Thank you for always being there.
  33. But most of all, thank you for loving us so much that we can feel it, even from miles away.

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