Travel Tuesday – Jamaica

Out of all the places I traveled to last year, Jamaica was by far my favorite. Everyone was so laid back and happy (or maybe high 😉 ) and incredibly welcoming. I have a lot of couples come to me who want to go to St. Lucia but can’t afford it. I always recommend Jamaica. Their landscape is very similar to St. Lucia with mountainous regions, waterfalls and beautiful beaches. On top of that their music, food and attitude is simply irresistible.

A few of the fun things I learned while I was visiting;

There is a KFC in Jamaica and the locals call it “Keep From Cookin” or “Keep Fat Comin”.
Jamaicans really do say “Yeah Mon.”
According to everyone I asked, Scotchie’s (pronounced scotches) in Montego Bay has the best jerk chicken.
If you don’t want to be in a tourist destination then Port Antonio is the place to go. It’s also supposed to be the most beautiful location on the island (I didn’t get to go while I was there but I have every intention of going one day).

The Jamaican bobsled ride is a blast!
Do not judge Jamaica by it’s cruise port! Multiple people have told me that they don’t like Jamaica because the people are pushy and rude. Unfortunately, this is the way most sales people are when you’re stepping off a cruise ship and you should not judge an entire country/island by it’s port.

Here are a few of the photos I took during my visit.

image2 (1) image3 IMG_1019


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