March Kindness

You might be wondering where I’ve been…
Well let’s just say I spent the month of March making up for Whole30 February. I ate pizza, Mexican, fried chicken, and even McDonald’s. I had cookies, ice-cream, cake and candy bars. It was disgusting and delicious. I of course felt exhausted, fat and miserable for most of the month too. I decided to start this month off with a cleanse. For three days I am eating nothing but apples, drinking water, tea and coffee. I’m on the third day right now. I’ve felt a little lightheaded, I’ve been hungry pretty much the whole time and I can’t look at Pinterest at all.
image1 (2)
At the end of the day today I’m supposed to drink a tablespoon of Olive Oil and then gradually start eating other foods. I’ve decided to try to do three days with just greens after this (spinach, kale, salads, romaine, etc.) and then slowly start introducing protein. I’m also going back to my weight lifting routine (I was benching 100 pounds last month) and who knows, maybe I’ll join a gym or go to some fitness classes. It is spring after all, the time when everyone starts panicking because bathing suit season is right around the corner.

Basically, I’m still around. This is a lifelong journey. I may never have a 6 pack or become a fitness junkie but I will continue to challenge myself and test my will power. I’m not fighting for perfection I’m just trying to be the best version of me I can be. And maybe that person isn’t skinny and built, maybe the best me is the one that bakes delicious treats and is much softer to hug.


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