20 More Days…


I really want to write something. I’ve started about four posts now and they’ve all sucked. I’m not feeling particularly funny or creative. So, I will just say this about these past 10 days, bacon is my new best friend (sugar free of course) and so is almond butter on top of a banana. I gave up trying to drink coffee, that stuff is disgusting without half and half. I’ve had massive headaches, fatigue, shakiness and body weakness, along with complete raging bitch moments that involved wanting to give up and eat an entire box of Ritz crackers in one sitting (that’s the only thing in my house not Whole30 compliant). I seem to be out of the woods finally. I don’t have the sugar withdrawal symptoms that I did the first few days (did you know the average American eats 3lbs of sugar a week? No wonder I had headaches) and I don’t feel as raging. I do still want to eat a bacon cheeseburger with fries and wash it down with a milkshake and a piece of pie. I hate going to the grocery store because I am forced to walk passed cookies, cakes, bread, pasta, cereal, milk, and every other delicious thing I’m denying myself for February. When March comes I have every intention of celebrating by eating ribs, baked beans and pasta salad and then having some cake. After that, I will re-address my eating habits and what should stick and what shouldn’t. For now, I’ll just keep pushing through.  20 more days!


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