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I went on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas, I came home and got on a plane and spent 4 days in Jamaica.
I had 5 days in-between trips. I ran twice on the cruise, and I did one workout in Jamaica. In other words, I slacked off big time for a large chunk of October.
Everywhere I went in Jamaica someone was there offering or handing me drinks. There were “mangosas” (Mango Juice and Champagne), Bob Marley’s (strawberry daiquiri,  pina-colada, and something green on top),  BBC’s (Baileys, Banana, and Coconut), alcoholic fruit punch, alcohol in coffee, rum ice-cream, rum runners, white and red wine, mudslides, and on and on it goes. There was alcohol everywhere and in everything and it all looked delicious. I have never said, “No, thank you” and “I’m sorry, I don’t drink” so many times in my life. 
Somehow I (or the sabotaging voice) turned this into the perfect excuse to eat whatever I wanted. I mean come on, I was being so strong-willed and awesome saying no to all these drinks I couldn’t say no to wild-berry cheesecake and chocolate coconut cupcakes too. So I ate, and I ate like a gross fat-kid hiding in the closet with the whole box of ho-ho’s. And now, because of this, I have decided to give up sugar completely. 
No more Take 5’s after dinner because I ate healthy all day and deserve some candy. No more I’ll skip lunch so I can eat dessert (but really I ate enough snacks to equal lunch and still had dessert). No more peppermint mocha coffee creamer and no more “maybe just a bite”. 
I’ve written about moderation with alcohol, and how it’s impossible for me to do. Well apparently sugar is the same way. The main reason I fell into this unhealthy rabbit hole was because I told myself I can’t deprive myself of everything, otherwise I’ll fail. 
Um, no. I fail because I start off with just a little bit, just one little candy bar this one time, and that turns into 1 king size Take 5 every night, and then finally I end up with a dessert the size of a dinner plate and I finish the whole thing!

So, no more!
I know it will be hard. I know there could even be withdrawal, headaches, irritability, mood swings, and of course, extreme food cravings. I also know that I’ve already experienced all of these things before with quitting smoking and quitting alcohol. My personality is obnoxious; it latches on to things and can’t get enough. So, now I have to find a way to get myself to latch on to exercise and fitness instead of sweet treats. 

I am not going to give up fruit, but I’m also not going to allow myself to start eating ridiculous amounts of fruit because I can’t have any sugar. My plan is to drink a hot mug of tea (without honey) every time I get a craving, to be nice to myself, and to have some headache medicine at the ready. 

My reward for not eating any Halloween candy is a 5K at 8am the next morning.
Wish me luck 🙂 


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