Weights, Food & Love

I did my first bodyweight workout.
The first set was a breeze! I was patting myself on the back during my 90 second rest and thinking, “I don’t even need this break. I got this!”
By the 3rd set I thought I was dying. I was soaked, I was wobbly, and I almost face planted during a lunge. I checked the stop watch during my 90 second break. This workout was supposed to take 15 minutes at the most. I was at 13 minutes and still had another set to do. I rushed through the last set, the time said 15 minutes and then I laid on the floor, positive I wouldn’t be able to ever get up again.
image4 (2)

The next day, I was so sore I couldn’t go for my run. I took the day off of exercising and used my extra time to cook something healthy.
I wanted comfort food. It’s fall and I wanted something warm and filling and delicious.
I decided to make chili. The problem I was having is that usually I eat chili with fritos or cornbread and since I couldn’t have either of those this meal wasn’t sounding as comforting as I wanted.
I decided to see if there was any paleo recipes for cornbread.

I came across this recipe Paleo “Cornbread” Dinner Muffins. I had most of these ingredients so I decided after work I’d go buy the coconut flour and give it a try. I went to Food Lion and they did not have any coconut flour. I was about to throw my hands up and just buy fritos when I noticed Almond Flour. I have never cooked with either so I said screw it, and figured I’d give it a try. When I got home I realized I did not have any applesauce either. I decided to improvise that one too and took a little bit of banana, mashed it up (my arms were so sore that the mashing process felt like I was tearing all the muscles in my arm pit) and put that in instead . I was nervous, usually if I’m cooking in a bad mood the food doesn’t turn out very well, especially if it’s a new recipe. Kenny got home and we sat down to eat (sitting was a difficult process too after all the squats and lunges). I took a bite out of one of the improvised “cornbread muffins” and it was… delicious! Kenny ate 4 of them and then said he wanted the rest for breakfast.  The chili was warm and wonderful and paired with these sweet little muffins I definitely got the comfort meal I was looking for. And it’s a good thing too because the next day was complete and total shit.

Wednesday, October 1st:
Some days the universe just has it out for you.
Kenny and I listed our house for sale. We had someone that was very interested. She came and saw the house twice, first by herself and then with her mother. She was very sweet and continuously said how much she loved it. It’s listed for $89,000.00 she offered $65,000.00. Needless to say, that sale didn’t go through and that’s how the day started. Kenny had the day off so he decided he would re-do the bathroom floor before we had another showing that night. I came home on my lunch break and he told me to re-schedule the showing because it was going to take longer than expected. When I got back to work I had to deal with obnoxious customer after obnoxious customer. I was slammed, I was annoyed, and I wanted to cry because of the house. At one point I almost thought I was going to start crying right there at my desk. When the clock hit 5pm, I rushed to close up the office and get out of there. Kenny called and said the bathroom project wasn’t finished. It was disastrous and he had a horrible day and had to get out of the house. I picked him up and we went and sat outside at chili’s. We were both on edge, teeth clenched, and barely talking. We of course got a super perky chatty server that wanted to joke and talk to us and she was not picking up on the fact that that neither one of us were in the mood. Our food came and we started eating. About 4 bites in, a bee decided to join us. It swarmed right at Kenny’s face first and then went for his plate. After Kenny swatted him away he flew over to me, I couldn’t get him to go away. We both started laughing, that scary on the verge of total breakdown/flip out kind of laughing. All I wanted was a drink, a big, strong alcoholic beverage. I wanted liquor and cigarettes and I wanted a lot of both. Kenny looked at me and said, “it’s rigged, today has to be rigged.”
We left, we rode silently back home and I decided I was going to go for a run. My mind wanted a drink and a cigarette? Well my body was going to get a workout instead. Kenny decided to join me. He ran a little bit ahead of me and we ran in silence as the sun went down for 2 miles in about 25 minutes. It was nice. My mind was focused on my breathing and the rhythm of running instead of on our house not selling or finances. This, I thought, must be why people get addicted to exercising. Kenny and I walked back to the car, chugged some water, and then smiled at each other, real big genuine smiles… and then we took some selfies 😉
image2 (1)
image1 (2)

This guy is the most supportive, understanding and accepting person I have ever met.
He has backed me 100% and even joined me in trying new foods and exercising. I admire people that can change their lives on their own but I am so glad that I was blessed with someone willing to help and change with me. I don’t know how he can deal with my crazy outbursts, my whining on the couch saying I just want a big mac, or my healthy cooking fails (because there have been a few), but he does, and he does it well. He challenges me, he spoils me, he’s my best friend and I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Kenny, for everything you do for me.

Oh and after a day like yesterday, I decided I’d wait to weigh myself until I was in a better mood 😉
The bathroom should be an easy fix, and we have another showing on Saturday.
All is well, thanks for reading!


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