My Mother’s Bright Idea

My mother has a lot of spare time! And one of the things she loves to do is thrift!
I personally do not find any pleasure in thrifting. But my mom definitely has an eye for spotting a little treasure in a pile of junk.

She recently has been talking about renting out her dishes, for bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, etc.
I think this is a really awesome idea, especially after she did such a wonderful job with my Bridal Shower.
Here are a couple of her photo’s of thrift store finds…




Sometimes it’s hard to picture what a whole bunch of mismatched dishes would look like together, or if they’d even look good put in the same room.
But somehow my mom can bring it all together so it feels like you’re joining the royal family for an afternoon tea in England.
And she never spends more than a couple bucks on a dish… which makes it all the better.

Here’s a few examples of how it all comes together…







In my opinion, she shouldn’t just rent her dishes for parties, she should decorate for the party too!

What do you think?

Check out her blog Feeling Festive


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